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Munich Chambers Of Commerce - Some Expensive Talks

(There are several Chambers, This does Not apply to all, eg German IHK is OK, & I haven't got the British in mind, so which Chamber[s] of Commerce might this apply to ? ... ;-)

Some, (not all) Chambers Of Commerce
charge expensive fees to attend Evening Lectures bundled with surplus Socials, despite:

  • Speakers usually promote their company, government, etc.
    - They should bait their own hooks !
  • Vernisages in Art galleries in Munich do Not charge for their advertising evenings.
  • Viewers don't pay to watch adverts on TV.

Why pay to attend a lecture with Suits, rather than a free lecture or stammtisch with professional technical industry associates ?

Business Model Of Some Chambers Unattractive

  • Bill companies annual membership.
  • Subsidise drinking & eating of employees of member companies.
  • Deny free access to associated business lectures.
  • Pay PR/ad agencies &/or restaurant staff for hot air &/or alcohol etc ;-).
  • It was greedy bankers & similar etc who triggered the 2008 financial melt down, big investors have been jailed for fraud, & a US lawyer at 13 May 2009 jailed for massive fraud, etc.
  • Yet business Suits charge fees to pre lubricate their events. - Why ? Are their lectures less interesting/ substanial, than those of other professionals ? Where audiences willingly adjourn after, to nearest nominated bar/ restaurant & Pay direct for what they consume ?
  • Those that most enjoy subsidised social bloat might rank with advertising account executives & telephone sanitisers, etc (welcome on the first of the 3 rocket of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy ;-) )

What To Do ? One could tell Chambers Of Commerce:

  • Unbundle the business lecture from the Bloat !
  • Free access to the lecture.
  • Optional charge to enter reception room fater, Or
    Cash Bar, just like a British Pub
    People also get more chance to make contacts, circulating to & from the bar, than standing like dummies at small round tables, with no reason to talk to adjacent unknown tables.
  • In an era of financial stringency, business needs easier access to business lectures, without wasting time & money on payment & registration forms.
  • The bloated Reception/Social: The cocktail circuit Suits & Dresses alcohol & nibbles, (possible smoking if they can get away with it by calling it a private event), jewellery, perfume, high heels, & abundance of PR & marketing droids, vacuous social chat, is redundant & optional, No need to bill as Essential !
  • Publish talks after as .pdf, like conference proceedings; ( Or don't business speakers actually have anything Worth noting ? ;-) Technical speakers usually Do have notes worth publishing. )


Alcohol, the Germanic enthusiasm for shaking hands, & breathing air in common with hundreds of other tired humans at end of day, was noted still to occur during times of increased frequency of international pandemic risks ( Bird Flu, Swine Flu, etc) . Flying in guest speakers then was just icing on the cake, whether viewed from global warming, or from viral spread perspectives.

Better a free industry lecture than an expensive bloated business social.

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