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CTMs for FreeBSD

This is
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Pointed to by FreeBSD man ctm

by Julian Stacey

Stop Press

Thu Feb 14 11:16:22 CET 2019
Host stopped Wed, 13 Feb 2019 22:58:02 +0100 (CET)
I will announce to this list when back.
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 00:24:33 +0100
There will be an outage for upgrade later this week: Only of rync & ftp access to the deltas repository, (so if you want a base delta fetch it now).
All the incremental deltas sent by mail list will continue unaffected, as most go through mailman on & the 2 new lists go through a berklix.or server un-affected by upgrade:
Data on will continue available through the outage on
Schedule not planned yet, we'll aim to minimise outage.

Why Use CTM Instead of, or as well as SVN ?

  • If you have a slow net connection aka limited bandwidth, or intermittent connectivity eg rarely reliably in one place to complete an SVN update of whole trees. Or expensive data rates eg mobile tarrifs.
  • The patches are compressed, saving time & data transfer charges.
  • A unique reproducible trees with eg /usr/svn/.ctm_status, additional to the .svn status
  • Pre extratcted trees for all versions of src & ports as well as SVN tree available via CTM delivery, so you can do local SVN searches, exports etc.
  • Errors or Omissions ? Mail page author and/ or list

What Is CTM ?

  • "Code Through Mail" might best summarise it at 2018-12
  • man 1 ctm, man 5 ctm, man 1 ctm_smail, man 1 ctm_rmail, man 1 ctm_dequeue
  • Source Code (patches, delivery & update) Through Mail. CTM is ideal for receiving source code updates on slow, intermitent, or expensive tarrif (eg mobile/cell) internet connections. Used by & supported on FreeBSD (FreeBSD also supports & is supported by other access methods eg rsync); CTM could easily be used by other BSDs, Linuxes & beyond etc.
  • Etymology: "Cvs Tree Mirror" as named by code author phk@ in 1994-04-11
    ( CVS is a source code repository management system, as are eg SCCS, RCS, SVN/Subversion.
    BSD used SCCS, FreeBSD used CVS, although FreeBSD now (2018) uses SVN, CTM continues to deliver FreeBSD Code Through Mail.

Purpose Of

  • Deltas - public ftp access. (When ceased being master, with its multiple mirrors, that removed all our CTM mirrors).
  • A set of CTM scripts & trees, ready to generate deltas if anything goes wrong at Missouri.

Traffic Limit

  • Please do not overload It is not a powerful mirror.
  • Please avoid heavy traffic during business hours in Germany Timezone +01:00. Time now
  • There is no point regularly ftp'ing latest deltas from here, as a purpose of CTM is to provide Push technology, so you should be receiving distribution updates by ctm-* mail lists. If you want to regular fetch (which is Pull technology, not push) then you should not be using CTM, but be using SVN or Rsync
    Just use archives if you fail to receive a delta for use by ctm_rmail.


Full List of Delta Mail Lists & FTP Archives on &

People & Sites


Errors, Omissions, URLs dead, missing, or wrong ? Credits missing ? Please mail page author and/ or list

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