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CTMs for FreeBSD

This is

Pointed to by FreeBSD man 1 ctm

by Julian Stacey

Purpose Of ftp:// ctm . berklix . org

Backup copy of CTM scripts & trees, to be ready to generate deltas if anything goes wrong at Missouri.
Faster mirrors for deltas are elsewhere
Currently open for slow public ftp access.
If overloaded by downloads of deltas, will be moved to a non public area, & just used to feed mail lists, so use a better mirror elsewhere.

Traffic Limit

  • Please do Not overload ftp:// ctm. berklix. org. It is Not a powerful main mirror.
  • Please avoid heavy traffic during business hours in Germany Timezone +01:00. Time now
  • There is no point regularly ftp'ing latest deltas from here, as a purpose of CTM is to provide Push technology, so you should be receiving distribution updates by ctm-* mail lists. If you want to regular fetch (which is Pull technology, not push) then you should not be using CTM, but be using SVN or Rsync
    Just use archives if you fail to ctm_rmail a delta, & can't find the delta on the normal distribution servers.


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