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FreeBSD CDROM Labels

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Labels For FreeBSD Generic Cdroms & Boxes.

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Copyright & Disclaimer

Free for use on Generic FreeBSD Cdroms. Subject to disclaimer on accuracy etc. Copyright Julian H. Stacey of Vector Systems Ltd.. For use on promotion & give away, etc, not for commercial use. (VSL have other labels & CDROMs for commercial use)

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Paper Page Geometry

  • Box labels

    Were formatted for printing on A4 paper, but will presumably print fine on USA sized paper too (as it's designed to be cut manually by guillotine, exact paper size doesn't matter).
  • Cdrom labels

    • Label manufacturers use a wild variety of non standardised formats.
      • A4 & USA Letter.
      • Standard size circular label with large inner radius, & newer labels with smaller inner radius.
      • Various centre to centre distances between the 2 centres of the circular labels.
      • Offset to top of page & base varies.
      • Marginally different offset between top of page & top label, & bottom of pager & bottom label.
      • As these labels are pre cut, & print is constrained within the oblique cut area, minor vertical errors can become amplified, when at top & bottom of cut label, the cut is well beyond 45 degrees, tending toward the horizontal.
      • Some labels have an offset with top label to left, & bottom to right.
    • Label images to print:
      • Are currently only generated for printing on MultiCom A4 PC Line Ref 442910. (No Web Ref Known, I bought mine as end of line)
      • I have samples &/or or millimetre geometry for these, which I'll generate for, when I find time.
      • If you want some other offset, I will need your exact geometry, & preferably a physical sheet in the post (marked top & bottom too, as EG Multicom has a 1mm variance there).

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Content Of Labels

  • Labels for {CDROMs & boxes}, {all CPU architectures}, {generic & VSL}, & {all version numbers}, are all produced from a common set of files & macros. This keeps things consistent, but also creates some errors if labels for old versions are regenerated.

    If your browser does not directly support viewing of Postscript images, use Ghostview or Acrobat.

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Generic FreeBSD Cdrom Images To Download & Burn

  • Example addresses to download from.
    • There are other CPU architectures too, EG at least all of i386, alpha, amd64, ia64, sparc64, (but less CPU architectures on earlier releases)
    • There are other many other countries with FTP sites too, (so please choose your nearest site, eg just remove the .de and add your country's abbreviation, EG .se for Sweden, also try further servers within each country eg etc).
    • For list of countries etc, see & the welcoming message at top README of
  • Wholesale copying burning & selling FreeBSD.Org generic CD images, is discouraged: The FreeBSD.Org README in the ftp directory says (the images are for private use, give aways, promotions, & people without enough money to purchase from commercial vendors (that make a contribution to FreeBSD), etc).

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VSL's Enhanced FreeBSD Cdrom Images

  • Not free to download, only available to certain customers of Vector Systems Ltd. Business enquiries welcome. Images are licenseable. Our pricing strategy is to encourages high volume, low cost per unit licensing, but special customisations are also possible, subject to a consultancy charge.
  • VSL also provides general FreeBSD & Unix commercial consultancy.
  • VSL recognises a responsibility to apply a proportion of license revenues to support the FreeBSD & other source code projects.

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Labels for VSL's Enhanced FreeBSD Cdrom & Boxes.

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Naming Convention of Labels

{ Release } / { box | label } _ gen _ { i386 | alpha | amd64 } . ps
  • { box | cd } box= Square label to cut for Box, cd=round label to stick on cdrom.
  • { gen | vsl } gen=generic for images; vsl=Vector Systems Limited special images (with purchasable CDROMs, not freely down loadable).
  • { i86 | alpha | amd64 }Processor Type.
  • ps Graphic Image Format: Only PDF is available. (I may restore a .gif or .jpg format if I modify Makefile & macros for .ps to .gif automatic conversion using ports/ tools).

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Index Of Labels

(Note 5.2.1 is newer than 4.9, but 4.9 is newer than 5.1 ! (see for explanations about differences between 4.* & 5.* releases. & See list of release dates here)
NAME Box / Cdrom CPU

5.3/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
5.3/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

5.2.1/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
5.2.1/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

5.2/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
5.2/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

5.1/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
5.1/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

5.0/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
5.0/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

4.11/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
4.11/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

4.10/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
4.10/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

4.9/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
4.9/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

4.8/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
4.8/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

4.7/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
4.7/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86
4.7/cd_gen_i386_34.pdf Cdroms 3 & 4 i86

4.6.2/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
4.6.2/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86

4.6/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
4.6/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86
4.6/cd_gen_i386_34.pdf Cdroms 3 & 4 i86

4.5/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
4.5/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86
4.5/cd_gen_i386_34.pdf Cdroms 3 & 4 i86

4.4/box_gen_i386.pdf Box i86
4.4/cd_gen_i386_12.pdf Cdroms 1 & 2 i86
4.4/cd_gen_i386_34.pdf Cdroms 3 & 4 i86

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Suspect a CDROM Media Error ? - First Check The MD5 Checksum Of Your Cdrom

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Need a BSD Commercial Consultant ?

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Sample of 5.2.1 CD#1 (8K gif)

8K .gif sample of 5.2.1 CD#1

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Standard Reply Re MD5

History of Mastering Live Boot CDROMs for Unixes

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