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Petitions To Parliament.UK
& Petitions & Law Cases to EU

Re.: Brexit damage, British resident in the EU & EU citizens in UK; Parliamentary Reform, Liars & Abusers; & Electoral interference social media paid by Russia & media monopolies etc.

This is:

Signing At The Proper Free has best chance to force government's attention.

  • Don't distract to useless petitions on commercial sites that government will ignore.
  • UK governments Johnson & co announced they will ignore non parliament petitions (mostly from large commercial web sites)
  • Commercial [anti-] social media petition sites are just there to sell adverts & harvest your data, some even ask for your money to `support' ie profit them ! - Some don't store your data to higher European standards, but export it to mega corps in lax controlled USA
  • They do not fix UK government, just waste your & friends' time & money & to sell adverts.
  • This page & Berklix.Org are Not commercial
  • is not a GOV / government site under control of TLD=Top Level Domain, it's under TLD A difference, at least until UK slip to an all controlling state. Means UK parliament holds, harvests & manipulates petition data, not the vote thieving UK government that broke the law proroguing parliament.

EU Petitions & Law Cases To European Union

Beyond UK Parliament, there was at least one petition to EU Parliament, now expired, & other legal campaigns need supporting &/or funding, some on the Brexit Page, + here:

UK Parliament Petitions (chronological):

561730 Make it a criminal offence for MPs to mislead the public
Parliament will consider this for a debate
110,965 2021-03-26 2021-05-30 CLOSED j
576050 Settled Status for EU citizens who contributed as key workers during Covid-19. 17 2021-09-19 2021-10-01 j
582742 Give all children born in the UK after 1 Jan 1983 rights to British citizenship 49 2021-09-19 2021-10-15  

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