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Mail Lists Moved To New Easier Mailman.

--- Page Below Partly Obsolete ---

Obsolete in that there are many refererences to Majordomo, & Berklix now uses Mailman instead which is far easier for users, but as there's still the odd lazy thus cluless waster tries to waste the time of event announcers & lists owners to do [un]subscribe requests, this page retained for them.

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Do Not Ask Humans To Do Majordomo [Un]Subscriptions Work

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Lists Are Moving From Majordomo To New Easier Mailman Try it !

For Info & Help, On Majordomo, Click Here

Do Not Ask Us To Do Your [Un]Subscription

Do It Yourself DIY   -   Tips how to help yourself.

Requests to humans are automatically discarded, ignored, or rejected

  • Do not waste time asking people DIY. Event announcers, List owners, & Majordomo owner will Not waste their time doing Your work for you.
  • Moaning Fails, Lazy losers eventually Do Their Own Work too, but the more lazy annoy themselves longer first.
  • No Exceptions Use Majordomo There are far too many people on many Berklix lists to allow Any exceptions.
  • You are No Friend if you are lazy & mean & try to waste an unpaid list manager's time, when Majordomo does your work free.
  • It is Policy To Refuse ! Do Your Own Work (Reason: Long ago, some people were lazy & did not Do Their Own Work, that encouraged many more to be lazy & not DIY & an avalanche of unpaid work continued on the majordomo owner. People were so lazy some didn't even specify which list[s] they wanted & with which addresses, & they asked questions about which lists for what etc, that the robot would have also answered + they often included other text requiring human thought, searching, remembering to do more things, & responses to them & or others, all distracting the majordomo owner to be an ever more unwilling, busier, annoyed & unpaid social secretary. When robot owner returned from absences, it was to backlogs of requests, sometimes repeats, that the robot would have dealt with week[s] before. - Never Again ! DIY
  • Do Not Claim Majordomo Does Not Work ! - It has Never failed ! (Lazy non thinkers used to claim it, but were proven wrong Every time. Now claims are just ignored & deleted as time wasters. Periodically a fool tries to post to a whole list of hundreds of people, claiming it, & requesting an unsubscribe. Such abuse from lazy fools is a big reason many of the lists unfortunately had to be converted to announce only lists, no longer write-able by all subscribers.)
  • List postings include how to sub. & unsubscribe., in all headers & footers.
  • Free mail lists, no adverts, no address harvesting etc; You owe us Not to waste our time ! Address change requests to humans are automatically detected & silently deleted unseen. Use Majordomo !

Try Majordomo a few times, think, learn, Succeed, & tell friends,

No need to be technically inclined. Just To Think. smiley face icon

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Do It Yourself ! As:
Requests to humans are usually automatically silently discarded with spam, rarely seen; If seen, usually ignored; if not ignored, manually Rejected, with a Standard Reply ; Never accepted & done manually.

No matter how lazy, stupid, or deserving some claim to be, who they may moan to, or for how long: Our time is not theirs to waste. majordomo@ works Free, Use It .

Too many lazy people previously wasted my/our time, some stupidly even didn't specify which lists they wanted (There's 30+) & some told lazy friends to also dump work on human majordomo-owner, & time wasting avalanched.

The Section below is to be merged into above later.

Do NOT Ask Humans To [Un]Subscribe You.

  • The owners do not waste time on personal subscription requests.
  • Don't Ask! - You Will Be Refused, Ignored, Or automatically mail discarded unseen.
  • Owner automatically filters mail: Subscription requests are deleted un- seen, un- acknowledged, un- answered, un- actioned.
  • There are many hundreds of subscribers on Many Lists.
  • Too dumb to use Majordomo ? Some claim it ! Truth is usually: Too lazy to set mailer to send Ascii, type 2 words eg unsubscribe list_name, & return the confirmation. Even if you really Are that dumb, which the owner doesn't believe, subscriptions are still Not done manually for you by the owner. Go ask some more competent friend to help you, The owner has No time to help you.
  • The owner installed Majordomo because he no longer had time to waste doing free manual subscriptions. You wouldn't enjoy mailing the owner & waiting, only to realise you really have been silently deleted automatically unseen, as stated. You wouldn't enjoy waiting to meet the owner, just to be refused. The owner doesn't like being asked, or refusing either, but he Does refuse, regularly. Don't waste time, Don't Ask the owner! Learn how to Do It Yourself, or find someone with more time time than the owner - The owner has No time to waste.

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