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Julian H. Stacey - SMS Numbers

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(SMS = Short Message Service = Text Message on phone)

Other Numbers & Contact Data

Do NOT SMS Me ! - Email Or Phone instead!

Contact me some other way, Not via SMS.

No SMS To My Mobile Numbers

  • No personal SMS unless you are happy for me Not To Reply.
  • If you want a reply: Pay for it ! Phone ! A short phone call can be cheaper on telecom charges & human time. than multiple SMS, & faster to come to a decision in real time.
  • My time is too valuable to waste tediously squinting at SMS's in tiny & ill lit screens, composing SMS's. on an crippled keyboards, with max 160 limits.
  • On none of the numerous social & sports etc activities I arrange & help with, will I stop travelling or anything else, to send you an SMS.
  • If it's urgent, phone me, don't SMS me ! SMS's may sit days or weeks unseen.
  • If you want an answer, phone me, don't SMS me !
    • I won't waste time, squinting to type replies into nasty little numeric phone keyboards, & I'm not interested in T9 wrongly predictive keyboards, nor do I feel the urge to use a smart phone for dumb SMS.
    • Web to SMS gateways I don't use: waste of my time.
    • Email to SMS gateways I usually avoid. Needing to keep SMS short to save you the recipient money, wastes my time.
    • I don't pay to return an SMS with a phone call unless it's urgent pre paid business.
    • Club Members & Events: I don't respond if I am organising an event free, & people attending try to save their money & time at my expense, by sending me an SMS they want an SMS or phone answer from me at my expense of time & money. So phone me or don't expect an answer.
  • SMS's are wildly profitable for phone companies, which is why they promote them. You'r a sucker if you waste time with them rather than interactive phoning.
  • I've known supposedly intelligent people assert "SMS is cheap, effective, great etc, & they use it all the time". I've chuckled at their SMS bills, & been annoyed at their typing SMSs while delaying me, walking at half speed, talking like zombies. Make a quick interactive phone or mobile call at full speed ! !
  • Do Not SMS me if you want a reply or it's urgent. - Pay for a proper Phone or mobile phone call.

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