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Munich Smoke Free Restaurants & Bars

Münchner Rauch Frei Restaurants & Bars

by Julian H. Stacey - Tobacco Smoke Allergic No Smoking

Aug 2013 Nearly all these places are still there

So this page still here, some not all of these places good + they deserve credit being smoke free before others were forced to.

1st Jan 2008 Bavarian Non Smoking Law came into force

All bars & restaurants etc now smoke free.
  • The places i go to seem to be about as full as before, just a few varying empty seat with owners outside for a smoke.
  • Air clean inside, except
    • walking home, all the addicts now out on the street puffing away.
    • when your table neighbour nips out to smoke, & it's on their breath when they walk back into restaurant &/or turn to talk to you.
  • Some places, like eg a "Sports Bar/Premiere TV visited by Sage-MUC Jan '08 still smell of residual smoke if you'r there for an evening.
  • There will of course still be all the poisons in the walls & soft furnishings etc, slowly emanating out again, so the places that were previously smoke free will still smell better, & less likely give a headache..
  • A few grubby dives have turned themselves into smokers clubs, with membership/ entrance fees &/or keys etc.
  • Some publicans were trying to get Starkbier fest exempt from the law. Doubtless if they succeed, thy'll then try for the the big one: Oktoberfest.
  • How Oktoberfest will work out we don't know: smokers can't dive out, poison the still air outside, then dive in, cos bouncers on doors as `tents' (actually semi permanent structures not really a tent at all) are often over full. Maybe the tents will sell them temporary exit passes for a nominal fee to cover the increased bouncers needed.

Below written pre 2008:

Ihr Rauch = meine allergischen Kopfschmerzen. Stick a Nicorette patch !

  • Few places are yet 100% smoke free. Most just have areas.
  • Places that call themselves "Restaurant And Bar" gets listed (if at all) just as restaurant, if smoking at bar allowed.
  • Mail entries to add please.
  • Any failed to keep smoke free ? Complain to waiter, reason you came was they were listed here as Smoke Free, & you'r now going to have their free advert cancelled. Tell me, I'll do it.
  • As choice increases, we'll be able to be more selective, tending to 100% smoke free.
  • Comments ? Tell us at the all year Friday Beergardens where we also don't smoke.
  • Sort Order: Alphabetic by part of name in Bold Font.

Habit: Remove ash trays from tables & place under chair by walls.
Public cancer stick users & supporting waiters can go grovel!
Profit: Tell waiters: Smoke reduces Profit ! More smoke - Less hunger - Less food sold. Budget smokers often eek out their drinks posing with supermarket bought cigarettes, drinking slower. Non smokers buy everything from the waiter, & often drink faster.
Name [+Web] Type Address
Phone [+Fax] [+Email] Comment
Back Spiel Haus Cafe Welten Burger- Str 6, 81667 Tel: 92870920 Recommendation from NIM
  Bahrs & More Merge of Vienna coffee house & Irish country pub - says their web - Nothing like an Irish pub ! Trappen- treu- Str. 23 - 80339 München - Gegenüber Gewerbe- hof - Westend Phone 321 20 456 - Fax: (089) 321 20 545 Email Owner has an allergy. The smoke was life threatening, hence the owner's keen change to smoke free :-) The schnitzel J.S. found fine, The chilli S.S reckoned to be like cat food.
Bella Italia Asam Hof Italian Im Asam Hof, Sendlinger- Str 28 Tel: 2609377
Fax: 2607428
Left for non smoking, right for smoking. High ceiling, no wall separation but good unless at table adjacent to queuers waiting (they put a small table for 2 there, adjacent to all us non smokers, with one smoker!). 11:00-24:00 North of North corner of Asam- Kirche (church).
There are various other Bella Italias in Munich, (eg one at Stachus Herzog Wilhelm- str 8 Tel: 592359, 11:30 - 00:30. but that's crowded & not smoke free, far as I've ever noticed). Both have spacious terraces in summer, Stachus more spacious, all depends which way the wind is though, as smokers as permitted outside.
  Bernis Nudelbrett Italian/ German Peters- platz 8, 80331 München (Above Viktualien- markt, next to church) Tel: 264469 Fax: 855083 Big First half of restaurant starting at entrance is smoke free, Back half is smoking. No wall between, but L shaped room. Toilets are in the smoked half. Tables well lit, menus easy to read, & spacious seating. Now (2007.01) has 3 sections: Non smoking to left of the door ( 1st table seats 8 max., Next tables mostly not expandable for variable size Stammtisch groups very easily) ; Then come smokers in the mid section at the corner, (not walled off); Then there's a big non smoking room to the right at the end, with sliding doors (left open, I closed them later), big table in middle ideal for groups to perhaps 14+, surrounded by lots of smaller tables.
Block House Steak House Leopold- Str 32, (East side), Schwabing. Tel: 331718 Erik S.:{They have a smoke free part. The food is excellent (Steaks, Burgers, Spareribs etc) , but it's a little bit on the expensive side. and they expect you to eat. So it's probably nothing for the beer garden group.} U. Bahn U3/6 Giesela- Str.. Open: 11:00-00:30
Bodo's Back Stube Cafe- Cond. Herzog Wilhelm- Str 29 80331 Tel: 263673  
.Bohne und Malz Cafe- Rest. Bar Stachus, Rathaus & Rot Kreuz Plz Tel for Rotkreuzplatz 089 12 55 56 72 No smoke down the left side near windows.
Buxs Restaurant -Cafe Amalien- Str 38, Schwabing 80799 Tel: 28029940
Fax: 280299440
Casa Nostra Italian Sendlinger- Str 28 80331 Tel: 2609367  
  Cilento Italian Teng Str 31, 80796 Tel: 28702274 Fax 28702374 Mail 40 Seats<, Mo. - Fr. 11:00-14:30 & 18:00-22:30 Sa. 18:00-22:30 /td>
Chilli's Chicken   Pelkoven- Str 29 Tel: 45992517 Recommendation from NIM
Chilli's Chicken   Rosenheimer- Str 10 Tel: 48954827 Recommendation from NIM
  Cosmogrill ? - - When web pages says non smoking Ill add info
Dallmayr Restaurant Diener- Str 14 Tel: 2135100 Recommendation from NIM. Too Expensive for me
La Fiorentina Restaurant Goethe- Str 41, 80336 Tel: 534185 2 rooms, broad connecting area lets smoke through. Recommendation from NIM
Gast Restaurant Kultur- zentrum Gasteig U. Bahn Rosenheimer Platz (Ausgang West). Tram: Am Gasteig. Self service like Mövenpick once was, according to NIM Fresh food. 5-8 Euro
  Hacker Haus Bavarian Wirtshaus Actually more a Restaurant at times, as they wont allow reservations often if people might just drink. Sendlinger- Str 14, Ecke Hacken- str, Tel: 2605026
Fax: 2605027
They have a smallish Non Smoking Section but they allocate different [or no ? areas by the day, & you need to book in advance so they can plan it. A single per day designated room, where they choose the room according to size of room needed by aggregating all that days non smoker reservations. worked out well twice so far. Central, between Marien- Platz & Sendlinger Tor. Has been used for the winterised beer garden.
The small room for ~16 to 20 on left in cellar is not good enough on a busy Friday: The waitresses keep coming through to serve beer & don't shut the door, when I kept shutting it, the room overheated, (despite door near stairs remaining open. The door to the larger room lets a lot of smoke blow in (& noise too).
Hacker Pschorr Bräuhaus Ex: Bavaria Bräu Ex Bavarian beer hall, modern style. Decorated with large beer brewing vessels & cast iron accessories. Theresien höhe 7     80339 München. Tel 500593800 (from web),
51997757 (from bill),
Fax 51919937 (from bill),
Tel 5005938.11
Non smokers area at the back, near serving area. Not walled off, but high ceiling, so not bad. Smoke has occasionally wafted in though, but not usually noticeable. { Hell 3.2, Dunkles 3.2, Schw. Schnitzel 7.95 } @ Jan 07 New management so at 2007.06.22 When we booked non smoking table & non smoking part of main hall was booked out witha big reservation, we were located in Thai section with choice of Bavarian or Thai food.
Hag / Rottenhöfer Cond. -Cafe Residenz- str 25 Tel: 222915
Fax: 298608
Smoke free 1st Floor from 11:00. Probably. not available in summer.
Hauck Cafe Engadiner- Str 2 81475 Tel: 7559037  
.Hof Bräu Keller Beer Hall, main part not actually in the cellar. Innere Wiener- Str 19, 81667 Haidhausen Tel: 4599250, Fax: 4483587 Big room for (guessing) 50 or so next to street, furthest from beer garden entrance.
U. Bahn Max Weber Platz, U4 & U5, then walk South West along Innere Wiener- Str. No. 19 is a very big building on the right, & despite the word Keller you go Up some steps.
Hugendubel Cafe 6th floor of the Marien- platz book shop   Fully non- smoking on account of the books ! Recommendation from Stephanie S.
Ignaz Vegetarian Cafe Georgen- str 67, Schwabing 80799 Tel: 2716093 A bit hot & stuffy. Fully non smoking inside. The 2 summer beer tables on the pavement aren't non smoking though. I like the Indian dish, though its too mild for me. Has been used for the winterised beer garden group. All ate there.
  zum Jagdschlössl Bavarian Gast- stätte Nymphen- burger- Str. 162 (directly at U. Bahn Rot- Kreuz- Platz) 1689241 Fax: 13998055 Recommendation from NIM Nichtraucher- Raum Cheap and "gutbürgerliches" Food. The room on the left is smoke free, bigger room on right is smoked. Owner wont take big bookings from NIM for meeting, 'cos he wants to not lose room for his regular non smoker customers.
  Kaede Restaurant, Vegetarian Sommer- Str 41, 81543 München Tel: 62303844 Fax: 62423796 Recommendation from NIM
Cafe In Der Loewen Grube Cafe Loewen Grube 10 Tel: 220352
Fax: 29160784
Separate non smoker room with 40 Seats
McDonald's Burger/ Fast food joint     Most are smoke free, but not PEP/ Perlach, where Barbara J. says cowardly managers hide away, & won't enforce the rule. It's not a restaurant, & I (jhs) don't like their buns or salad additives in the bun, then there's the question of BSE, but the air may be clean.
.Paulaner Brauhaus Am Kapuziner Platz Bavarian Pub/ Restaurant Kapuziner Platz 5. U. Bahn Goethe- platz. Tel 544611.0 Fax 544611.18 Big. MK Says part of it is recently non smoking. Middle (or back ?) room I guess. Beer garden outside.
  Man Fat Chinese Barer Straße 53 - 80799 München -- 089 / 2720962 Isabel told me 2007.11 this has non smoking, They've crippled their page with flash, but one can click past flash rubbish.
  Maredo Steak House Frauen- Platz Tel: 23544944 100% smoke free. Confirmed by this author jhs@
  Maredo Steak House Rinder Markt 5 Tel: 2607410 (There's another one Im Tal) Jim L. reckons the beef isn't Argentinian, despite being so labelled, he'd probably know, I wouldn't though. Left of door is non smoking, right is smoking. When reserving, Stations 3 & 4 are the non smoking ones. Avoid far back of station 4, where smokers walk down steps to toilets ! Not usable for the winterised beer garden group, many of whom only drink. Here they expect to sell food.
  Nero & Lounge Rumford Str 34, Tel: 089 21019060 No smoking parts down & up. Lounge part up smoked. Can just drink or eat too. Rec. < MK & M-A 2007.02
  Padova ? Ampfing- str. 48, 81671 Muenchen Tel: 089 4314719 Where NIM do their Mitgliedersammlung, so presumably worth checking
  Prinz Myshkin Vegetarian Restaurant Hacken- str 2, 80331 Tel: 265596
Fax: 264496
Email Mostly non- smoking , (raised area) No effective separation of air zones, but English speaking waiter says in practice all but the window row tends to be non smokers, they stack the non smokers outward from the raised area. They're also getting (as of writing Feb 2004) an extra room that will be entirely non smoking. Probably suitable for the winterised beer garden. Says "Bar" on sign outside, so I guess they have to accept people not eating, though perhaps they're supposed to sit at bar, & that might have smokers arriving. Has been used for the winterised beer garden group, not ideally the right place. Food was bland & expensive for what it was. In the back corner there's an air input. No smoke :-) Waiter Miltos speaks English. Friday's @ 7 they want big groups if reserving to also eat, cos tables are in heavy demand. A waitress in parking orbit near entrance to kitchen smoked. They tried to charge 3.3 Euro till I pointed out that outside it said 3. They didn't argue, accepted 3, & changed the price outside before we left.
Ratskeller Marien- platz Bavarian Wirtshaus, Most really a restaurant as they'll expect you to eat Marien- platz 8, Under The Rathaus Tel: 219989.0 Just a bunch of perhaps 10 or so tables marked as non smoking, not walled off from others though. Adjacent to other smoker tables with just a useless metal trellice separating smokers but not smoke.
We used it for the winterised beer garden group, popular, we got a high turnout, despite not cheap.
Palais Stuben International Restaurant (Opposite Big Mac, in Max Planck Palais), Palais Stuben, Max Planck- Str 10 (Ecke Edison- str), 85716 Unter- schleiss- heim Tel: 37004894, Fax: 38004895 From NIM Booklet, 2005
Pavillon Chinese Restaurant Herterich- Str 136, 81477 Solln. Tel: 79100485
Fax: 79100487
Huge non- smoking section. The bus stop is in front of the restaurant, but do not ask me what number. The Chinese food was so excellent that my Chinese clients were delighted. Not suitable for the winterised beer garden group. Rec. by Irmgard S.
Pavillon Chinese Restaurant Allacher- Str 12, 85757 Karls- feld (München Stad- rand) Tel: 08131 97620 At entry choose: Smokers: Left, Non: Right
Pfälzer Wein Probier Stube Wine Hall Residenz- Str 1, 80333 Tel: 225628
Fax: 290486 8
Recommendation from NIM Always been smokers when I've been there. Neeed to ask where. High Ceiling
Pitti Pizzeria Nymphen Burger- Str 150 80634 Tel: 168548 Recommendation from NIM
Phu Quoc Vietnamese Take Away Thal- kirchner- Str 3. South side. Between S. Tor & Sued- Fried- Hof. Tel: 23076788 Small, Also take away. 5 to 7 Tables, Totally non smoking. 11:30-22:00, not Sunday
Pizza Hut Pizzeria Bayer- Str 13, 80335 Innen Stadt Tel: 54829880 Air con, no separation but smoke doesn't migrate apparently ! Recommendation from NIM
Rischart Cafe Marien- Platz 18, 80331 Tel: 2317000 Recommendation from NIM
Schneller Cafe Amalien- Str 59, Schwabing 80799 Tel: 281124
Fax: 91294
2 tables = 8 seats in entrance.
San Francisco Coffee Company Coffee House, American chain Innere Wiener- Str. 57, Haidhausen   Info not yet independently confirmed. Info from a stranger who tried to waste my time in email argument.
San Francisco Coffee Company Coffee House, American chain Liebig- str. 10a, Lehel   Info not yet independently confirmed. Info from a stranger who tried to waste my time in email argument.
Some USA Coffee Shop Coffee House, American chain Im Tal. North side. Between Conrad & Marien- platz   Mostly non smoking. Smokers ghetto on left as you enter. Teenager's ghetto blaster (`Music') area at the back. So surrounded with 2 different forms of pollution, you've got to be pretty desperate to not just walk straight through & out.
  Starbucks Coffee House, American chain Gisela- str, Sendlinger Str 27   Fully non-smoking. Recommendation from friend of Stephanie S. Mo-Fr 7.30-22h, sa 8-22h, so 9-22h
Stop & Soup Soup Restaurant Dachauer- Str 25, 80335 Munich Tel: 44237250
Fax: 44237249
Recommendation from NIM booklet
Sushi Magie Japanese Sushi Westen- rieder- Str 13, 80331 Munich Tel: 21668264 Small, spartan Recommendation from NIM booklet 2005.04
Tor Brück Rest. -Cafe Im Tal 41, 80331 . Tel: 242340
Fax: 2423423
Restaurant has music for old codgers. Not suitable for the winterised beer garden.
  Tahitian Noni Cafe Sonnen- Str 9, 80331 Munich Tel: +49 89 255519.310
Fax: +49 89 255519.500
Sample price @ 2006.12: Wok 4.9, 0.3 (I hate non 0.5 litre!) Weissbier 2.80 Euro.
Tresznjewski Bar with food Theresien- str. 72, 80333 München +49 89 282349 Erik S said 2006.12 it has a big non smoking area
  Turn- Stueberl im Isar- tor, Tal 50, 80331 Mu. In Valentin- Karlstad- Museum   Monday Tuesday Friday Saturday 11:00--17:30, Sunday 10:00-17:30
  Unions Bräu Haidhausen Bavarian Beer Hall Einstein- Str 42 Tel 477677, Fax 4705848
Crappy web with big black box top left on Mozilla @ 2006.12
Vor Ort
Cafe Vegetarian Gautinger- Str 6, Neuried 82061 Tel: 7595408 Recommendation from NIM booklet 2005.04
  Vegelangelo Cafe Vegetarian Türken- str 76 80799, Frau Iris Stegmayr Tel: 28 80 68 36 Email info@ & reservierung@ NOT YET - As from 2007.01.01
. Villa
Restaurant & Bar Hansa- Str 44 80686 München Tel: 54717575
Fax: 54717571 Email
ab 01.02.2007 bieten wir ihnen in unserer villa flora im obergeschoss nichtraucherfreundliche bereiche an. Went there 19.06.2007, sat outside in beer garden with good friendly service (no self service area). Checked inside, Theyve extended non smoking downward to include all of old building. (Toilets are in new building though.)
Wild- Wuchs Cafe ? Leonrod Str 19
Tel. / Fax: 089 166102 Not been there in years, must again, I suspect this is 100% non smoking. Linked to a club (Werkhaus e.V.) with events.
  Weisses Braeu Haus Bavarian Tal 7, 80331 München. Between Marien- platz and Isar- tor, North side. Tel: 290138 0
Fax: 290138 15
Upstairs is entirely Non Smoking ! (Except it drifts up stairs a bit, & some idiots smoke in the upstairs toilet, instead of going to the downstairs smokers toilet, too stupid to understand tobacco smoke is not just more smell, but cancer & headache producing). Traditional large Bavarian Gast- Staette, so you can just go & drink, though personally, I eat too). Wide range of interesting beers, some very strong. A palatable cloudy! alkohol frei too. Lots of choice. Menus in many languages inc Japanese etc. Apparently it's shorter/ quicker from the side door (on the North- South street), than from main door (on corner), running the gauntlet of smokers downstairs.
  Zimt Cafe/ Bistro/ Bäckerei Ehrengut- str 9, +49 89 45229588
Fax +49 89 45229587
100% non smoking. Mon- Fri 7-22, Sa- So 9-22. Recti- linear spartan undecorated cafe (per new (not Old!) Schwabing type style cafe). No Dunkles beer sold. Weissbier recommended by Beer- gardeners. Apfelkuchen good (curiously no cinammon noticeable to me). Some main meals too.)
  Zooziez Cafe/ Bistro/ Bäckerei Wittelsbacherstr. 15, On Baldeplatz by River Isar, South München +49 89 201 00 59
Non smoking section since summer 2006. Tables outside not segregated So-Mi 9 bis 1 Uhr Do-Sa 9 bis 3 Uhr
Busses: 131 passes Viktualienmarkt, maybe it runs along river to Zoozie's ? The other line stopping at Baldeplatz is 58 -- which starts from central rail station.

  Raabe Cafe & Restaurant See- Str 97, 82237 Steine- bach/ Woerth- see Tel: 08153 7205 (Fax: 7073) Email Non smoking room on left as you go in, much bigger than main room with bar which is for smokers. Big terrace non segregated as far as I recall.
Used towards end of sunday walks
  Gasthof zum Unter'n Wirt Restaurant (unsmoked) & Bar (smoked) & Beer garden Kirch- str 2 82296 Schoen- geising Tel: 08141 12749 Bar at front with smokey pipe locals. Restaurant had no ashtrays or smoke so I presume no smoking, didnt ask though.
Used towards end of sunday walks, over footbridge near roman path, then after about 2K to S Bahn.
zauberberg Isabel told me 2007.11 this has non smoking, also expensive. Confirmations welcome. As they've stupidly crippled their page with flash, in turn I have made their URL not clickable from here

Gasthof Zantle Gasthof Salz- str 31, 83646 Bad Tölz Tel: +49 8041 9794
Fax: 8041 72162
Recommendation from NIM booklet. Been smoke free for years.
Brunner Cafe Kufstein, Austria   At border, on route to mountains. Go to to bridge in middle of town. Walk up steep hill, Right at road junction. Few mins walk. On Right.
Name [+Web] Type Address
Phone [+Fax] [+Email] Comment

Ideas Worth Investigating

  • There are a few other places too, listed by German organisations.
  • Burger King Im Tal
    A stupid company needing needing flash on top page , Should one expect more from a company that falsely calls theirs a Restaurant, yet has no cutlery & waiter service & is actually a Burger/ Fast food joint).
  • All MacDonalds in Germany starting late spring 2007 will be 100% non smoking.

Places NOT having smoke free - Headache now, Cancer later

A few places I never feel need to go to again.
  • Hof Brau Haus: I asked lots of waiters on all 3 floors: NO.
  • Schrannen- Halle, No, smoked throughout. Sort of place moron posers like to be seen fag in hand, not even inhaling. Very high ceiling though, by careful placing next to food vending stand you can be lucky.

Walking There

It's a nasty experience walking the length of Sendlinger- Str & back @ 19:30, to check several venues, dodging every few steps to avoid all the smokers out & poisoning the air. Cars at least exhaust only at shin height away on the road, in a predictable direction. Smokers emit at face height, in any direction at any time. The street stank of smokers, not of car exhaust ! Shops close at 20:00. Walking there to eat at 20:30 may help, or use back streets with no shops & no mass of strolling public poisoners. Sad that poisoners deter non smoking spending power from walking past & maybe into shops. The dormant German economy needs all the boost it can get !

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