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GEA Regular Monthly Events

Some events take place once per month
2 events, that could be worth someone restarting are:
  • Greek meal.
    Hambis's extremely popular Greek meals. - This event was so popular that in an attempt to limit & predict numbers, the location was no longer printed on the programme, so you had to phone Hambis & ask the location, & he would increment the head count.
  • Non Smoker's Monthly Meal
    Max G. then I (Julian) used to do a GEA non-smoking-meal-of-the-month, (winter months only). Not much point now Munich is theoretically smoke free, but someone could do eg a Veggie meal once a month or Eco or fish or ... bowling evening come to that ... but bowling the beer gardeners have done & likely will again
  • The [German Elderly] Stammtisch is now no longer every Friday, but just the last Friday in the month. Beer Gardeners (English speaking) meet every Friday, Summer & Winter, Outside & Inside venues as dictated by weather.
For technically oriented people there are also other non GEA groups that this author organises monthly: MECC - Computer Contractors & BIM - BSD Unix Users There's also a bunch of other technical clubs.

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