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Ski Event Details

By Julian Stacey, a ski organiser

Same information in a choice of formats:

  • HTML (Web Page) Format To Browse On Web

    The font size will obviously be reasonable for you to read, as your browser can set the font size to your requirement.
    This Format is not designed for printing on one sheet though, so download a different format to print.
  • A4 paper formats, for you to print & take for reference.

    To print & take with you on trip for reference. A4 Format. (In a nice big font size you can take to read in car. Used to be on just 2 pages, convenient for a single double side printed sheet but the font size became far too small).

Booking Form

Author Julian @ Mayrhofen_2001_01_21 and group Group @ Mayrhofen 2003_01_19 at Mayrhofen Austria.

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