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BIM - English Future Projects Needing Volunteers

There's about 90 on the BIM mail list, enough for people to find co-helpers & start jointly promoting BSD in the Munich area. So far it seems to have been a small core of activists, but we'd really welcome others getting involved too. Please either dream up your own project, or select one from the list above, & Start Promotiing Use Of BSD In Munich. Thanks ! (We can offer server facilities where needed to support promotion of Berkeley In Munich).

Fallback Organiser For Stammtisches

Venues like to known approximate numbers expected, to avoid overcrowding etc. We could use 1 or 2 Fallback Head Counter(s) to volunteer to have his/her name(s) on Stammtisch web page, & to mointor the list & email their willingness to finish the count, & confirm reservation numbers to restaurant, if the first person reserving will be absent

BSD Leaflet

Send Rainer diffs to shrink german version back to one sheet.

More Leaflets

Hubert did a NetBSD leaflet. Do a leaflet with similar format titled "BSD compared with Linux" - that was the most common question at the BIM stand at Systems 2001 year, it would have been very useful if we'd had a leaflet for this common FAQ. Do it in German, English or both, whatever you the volunteer decide, that's your decision. Sure, the answer changes with time, so the leaflet will need you as a maintainer, or someone else to take over, & sure the info is on web & in magazines, but something A4, cheap to print, & copyright available for us to print would be a useful resource, worldwide if we do an English version. If you do it in German, one of will translate it for you. Do a leaflet for OpenBSD, or get a URL from OpenBSD mail list.

Book & man a BIM table for future Elektronik Boerses

Ask Julian & Gary for experience, we've done it several times. New faces please ! OK, meantime the Elektronik Boerse has passed into history, but other similar smaller things still occur. Inc the Zentrix annual autumn meet, etc. Or check the list to see what event are on in Europe.

Hunt opportunities for a sponsored stand

(as Julian did for Systems 2001 & Hubert did up North), (& DaNiel Ettle just did for Systems 2004), promote acitivity, take whatever responsibility/initiative is needed.

Assemble list of tentative half/1 day stand volunteers

ready for next expo, like the last BIM stand at "Systems 2001". (It helps to have a list before approaching stand sponsor).

2nd Expo Co-Ordinator

2nd person in parallel to Josef (in case he's ill/away next time) for maintaining co-ordinating notes page for next expo, as per last year's Systems 2001

Future: Installathon in a Munich Book Shop .

Volunteers Needed to help promote & run a public BSD installation marathon (hosted in a Munich book shop, or wherever else you find space).

Arrange To Supply CDROMs To Libraries

There's a CD library in the Gasteig - someone should feed it & other libraries/museums etc/whatever, BSD CDs, either your old one immediately you get a new one, or a nicely labelled & boxed generic downloaded & burnt one. (Here are generic labels & boxes for FreeBSD, Hubert passes surplus NetBSD CDs via me (Julian), so I'll try to see to that, but we could use OpenBSD CDs, & also need someone to scope the city &/or Univ. libraries & decide which libraries are best to supply EG Gasteig or Universities etc ?)

Future: European BSD Conference in Munich .

Gallery Of Faces To Help Stammtisch Recognition

This one may be argued about, so only include thise who agree to be included: Bring digital camera to Stammtisch & build a web page of alphabetic list of names & faces for recognition. Not everyone wants faces on web, but don't let the obstructors put you off, simply don't ake their picture, & don't include them, only put up those that agree. The times I've heard someone say after a Stammtisch, aprox: ~Who was the guy with the green jumper ?~ I want to mail him about ....~ A photo gallery would solve that.

Supply German Translations for updates to these BIM page

Please supply in diff -c format, applicable to the latest bim.html.m4 master source. (& alert Julian first that your doing it, so he doesn't change too much content at same time as you'r translating.)

Supply URLs For People

I would like to add clickable URLs (either mailto or href, your choice) to each person named on BIM pages, but I want permission before I do it, so BIM people, if you are listed on BIM pages, please mail Julian your URL, thanks.

Whatever else you choose:

Please don't wait to be asked, please volunteer ideas, recruit helpers if needed, & then implement it ! If you need BIM computer resources (EG logins, new sub web pages on BIM servers etc) to help contribute, ask Julian for what you need.

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