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Chilli Group, Munich (Indian Curry, Thai, Mexican & Vietnamese etc)

This page is:

Missing the chat you'd get with friends in the beer garden or over curry ?

Join the unmoderated mail chat lists for Beer Gardeners & Curry Eaters
You could also join a live virtual session Same days & times as normal, arrange it on the chat lists.

During Corona Join Virtual Curry Nights - Same 19:30 Wednesday start, same open end, Pour your own beer, order an Indian from a take away (or cook your own if adventurous) Or ask friends for lists of take away web sites (Paul maintains a big list of Indians, TT has an older one, probably many Indians etc now do take away), No waiting for waiter for another beer when the curry is burning hot, & never a short measure ;-)

Prepare for it now.

Mid weeks, usually Tuesday or Thursday, Eraticaly some weeks, as the chilli craving take us. Mail the chilli organisers to trigger their craving ;-)

black chilli plant 3 colour chillies
No Smoking Do NOT Bring Smokers !




Please do Not mail the author questions, Read the page below to find your answers, that's why the author took time to write this page. Author has no time for repetitive email questions, when he should be doing paid computer work, at his screen, sorry ! - Please ask organisers or others At a Chilli event, when we're happy to chat, de-focused from screens!


  • The introductory mail gives more info about the group & list
  • WE'RE SELECTIVE ! smiley face icon : You want to socialise with people you'll get on with ? Us too ! Various types don't suit you ? Us too ! So both you And the group retain rights to decline, review, withdraw membership
  • SUMMARY: English speaking (relaxed & fluent) multi- national, lively, intelligent, non smokers, no drunks, etc.
  • The mail line footer defines us, with occasional variation on what can be crammed on one line, eg: Fluent English speaking international bright lively non smokers.
  • There's Lots of other English clubs people can join.
    • Some of us are English .
    • All of us can speak English .
    • Some can speak German.
    • Some are German,
    • Some are or have been eg: American, Austrian, Canadian, Chinese, English, French, German, Iraqi, Irish, Pakistani, Scots, Singapore, Spanish, Swedish, Syrian, Welsh, etc.
    • We are not a linguists group, but random professionals.
  • Just ENGLISH SPEAKING Not German Speaking
    • Speak English with us. You don't need to be a native English speaker though; natives of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, etc languages all welcome.
    • Germans who join us come to speak English, not German.
    • If you want to speak German, we are Not the right group for you:
      • Native English speakers who want to inflict their German on us are Not Welcome !
      • Native German speakers who can speak English, but don't, should join other groups.
      • Talking in German for long, would dilute the group, (as GEA was long ago Germanised, then failed).
      • To speak German, don't join us, join innumerable other clubs run in Munich Germany, where about 80% of toward 2 million people are native German speakers.
      • Disagree ?
    • Fluent English Speaking
      • Flakey English grammar is not so bad: Better you get the grammar wrong, than bore us waiting, searching for the right phrase.
      • We do not correct people. That would break up conversation. We're Not an unpaid language school. There's plenty of English teachers in Munich you can employ.
      • We do not make speeches. ! We're not Munich toast masters.
      • Do not bring friends who can only speak German, that's not fair to us (or them) !
      • Can you switch to German if stuck ?
        Yes, if really stuck, for a bit, & others listening happen to want to understand German, (not all can or want to). German is Not the preferred language, any more than Russian or Turkish or Chinese, so revert to English as soon as possible.
      • If you are German, & you'r English is "Iffy" do not make the mistake of bringing more German friends with marginal English to keep you company, find a German speaking group.
      • People are removed when they can't / don't / won't speak English. Not just Germans, even native English speakers are Not Welcome to practice German on us, & are removed if doing so.
    • Thoughts on [German] grammar
    • Disagree ?
  • PS If the waiters hear German spoken, they may serve a milder Chilli, No Thanks ;-)
  • NON SMOKERS. Exclusively ! Do NOT bring smoker friends !

    •   No Smoking NON SMOKERS ONLY
    • Do NOT Bring Smokers ! Not even if the chilli is outside on a fine summer's day ! Some of us eg are allergic &/or hate smoke.   Most of us do not want to be near, even outside.
    • Do Not Smoke just before arrival, Do not nip out for smokes & return, breath stinking of smoke. (It's impossible to avoid the death breath of a smoker sitting next to you). Smokers should buy nicotine chewing gum for the evening, or Not Come, or leave us to go home before they go well away down wind to smoke on the way home.
    • Disagree ?
    • We are mostly professionals, mostly intelligent (debate any implied associativity, or assert any lack of logical connectivity over a chilli ;-)
    • We're not ``politically correct', Mental strait jackets imposed by others not accepted.
      We speak real English not crippled by American (or, increasingly also by British too) politicians' political correctness, We call a spade a spade, (Which we mean as an English noun, related to a shovel, not an American noun as racial slang) We talk about the sex (not gender) of a thing (if anyone gives a flying monkey's ;-) & if anyone asks for a Rest Room or Bathroom, they'll likely be teased that if they needed to rest or bathe, that was best done at home first ;-) Restaurants have toilets, but not baths & beds ;-)
    • People do not bring kids & babies making a racket & interrupting & & distracting sensible conversation to the mundane.
    • Disagree ?
    • Do Not get drunk, `Head bangers' booze groups exist elsewhere ;-)
    • Seriously abusive behaviour not tolerated, drunk or sober.
    • We do Not encourage (or discourage ;-) alcohol consumption, most drink beer, author sometimes drinks Alkohol- frei beer , a few drink wine, a few might drink Rabarba- schoerle (Rhubarb with fizz) etc. If you don't want alcohol that's fine.
    • We're not averse to a lively debate/ argument but only if people remain intelligent & Listen too, & no one monopolises conversation.
    • Motor mouths not needed. Alcohol lubricated non stop talkers Not wanted.
    • There's pretty much nothing we consider off limits to discuss. If you're easily offended, you might have a problem, though we likely may not ;-)
    • Disagree ?
    • Come with an open lively mind,
    • Don't be stuffy, If you want "Sie" rather than "Du" (Not that we'll be speaking German anyway), Join some other group, not us !
    • Try To Move Seats At Least After Eating Make _your_ contribution to enlivening topics & debate ! Sitting at the same seat all evening can be stultifying both for you And your neighbours - move around !
      • You may not be bored yet.
      • Others might not be bored with you yet.
      • But others may. Or maybe they want to talk to someone else too, & you more later.
      • Those stuck against a wall can't circulate.
      • Maybe someone next to a free seat is bored & would welcome you moving there ?
      • Make your contribution: don't just sit there, Move On !
      • Get up & you should Expect your seat to be `stolen' by someone else, they are Supposed To! It makes for variety for all.
      • "That's my seat!" Is Not acceptable! Just rescue your beer and mat & move to a new seat.
      • If you don't like it, Don't come.
      • Disagree ?
    • Are you too lazy to get your own email ?
    • Sorry ! You'r not mentally lively &/or adept enough for the group.
    • Join some other group, not us.
    • We have no time to SMS people info.
    • We do Not update a web page each week. (This author often did many years back, but it was more work, + Our email list relays to whole group in just minutes, & not to whole public on web sites, some of who do not fit group).
    • We do Not want you phoning us each week, interrupting us, just for the venue announcement. Get yourself a free email address *you don't even need a computer for that, you can access it via an Internet cafe)
    • join list
    • Disagree ?
    • If you wish to suggest & discuss venues, & help choose, announce & host venues, Please do, You are very welcome. Please volunteer yourself to Chilli Organisers.
    • If you wish to vigorously argue & assert your opinion: You could leave us instead. & We can have you removed too. We're volunteer organisers, not paid to tolerate trouble.
    • If You Argue With Chilli Organisers, about Chilli Organisation, & vigorously Assert your non organiser's opinion eg:
      • We should accept everyone without choice
      • We should organise things Your way
      • Your opinion on organising carries as much weight as organisers
      You will be removed as a liability.
      • Our regularly working organisers are our chief asset, far more valuable than non organisers.
      • Do Not annoy, waste time of, or risk demotivating organisers from organising.
      • The organisers have invested much time organising, organisers time is much more valuable than that of non organisers, & organisers opinions far outweigh the opinions of non organisers, when it comes to Organising
      • It's not unfair or biased, but is fact, it's
        • A reward to the few organisers who Work for our common benefit,
        • An incentive to non organisers to please sometimes volunteer to help organise next venue.
      • You are welcome to Earn the right to assert opinions on organising by first working as an organiser.
    • (Some saw an old club (GEA) die away with it's open door policy, degenerating to tolerating more misfits, a few malign, & sundry over opinionated non organisers, who didn't realise their opinions were worth very little if they didn't help do some work organising. An object lesson in mistakes to avoid. )


  • Mark Your Beer Mats Avoid mistakes, remind your neighbours too, especially if waiter does not do it for you. In every big group, some people sometimes forget to pay enough, occasionally some rogues may deliberately not pay enough, occasionally some waiters cheat too, (one waiter tried to bill us for a spare cheeseburger in beer gardeners group), One Indian restaurant has regularly over billed. Most customers & waiters are honest. Cheats exist too. Mistakes happen too, Alcohol doesn't aid memory & counting. A burner chilli doesnt help memory either ;-) Mark the mat.
  • Join the mail list where we announce this week's venue.


  • Listen ... we speak English.
  • Ask the waiter for reservation name Berklix.
  • If you don't know what organisers look like, check organisers web sites, & or use a mobile phone.


  • All sorts of chilli venues are welcome, not just Indian, but Thai, Szechwan/Sichuan or wherever.
  • Some places have open air dining too, for a list (You need the name & password from Beer Gardens list for this page. )
Some possible venues
Bollywood Indian (does beef) Donnersberger str 44, 80634 München 2016-04-13 Wed. Indonesian Theresienstraße 87, 80333 München Not Yet Lebanese Near Muenchner Freiheit Not Yet Malaysian Champor, Warthestr. 5 Not Yet Mexican One of the oldest in Munich Not Yet Mexican On the corner of Schleissheimer Str and Gabelsberger Str Not Yet Thai Kirchen Str 96, SW corner of junction with Orleans Str, Haidenauplatz. On the 54 and 100 bus, and 19 tram lines. A 10 minute walk from Ostbahnhof or less from Einsteinstr 2015_04_21 Tuesday Thai Hesseloher Strasse 7, 80802 München Not Yet Thai Thorwaldsenstr. 19 80335 München Not Yet Vietnamese In Mai Str Not Yet Vietnamese Mai, Klenzestr. 8 Not Yet Vietnamese Behind the Paulaner Braeuhaus? Not Yet


  • Mostly Tuesdays or Thursday, frequency per month not yet regular. Usually 20:00 Some might arrive earlier to help reserve space. Don't necessarily expect regular organisers to always be first, they are busy people, & other regular event attenders know the drill too: find table & tell waiter it will be Stammtisch style seperate billing.
  • Our initial aim is for mid-weeks, probably not every week,
    • Probably on Tuesday or Thursday to avoid clashing with Wednesday ex toytowngermany_dot_com (though ex toytowngermany_dot_com Curry was very popular in 2014, it appeared to be dieing in spring 2015). Curry group recovered since (though swedish owned web site littered in annoying flashing adverts, & slow from too much tracking, cookies), check latest here: ex toytowngermany_dot_com "forum / topic / 953 - munich - curry - night /"
    • Not Saturdays to avoid clash with Beer Gardeners who also do Indian occasionally, eg on 2015-04-11.


Mobile Phones

(`Cell Phone' to use the original American name, spuriously renamed as `Mobile Phone' in Britain, & mistakenly called a `Handy' by Germans using wrongly adopted English ).

Yes we have mobiles. No we don't want numbers listed here, ask us personally if you feel the need.

SMS (Short Message Service)

If you want to know where we are: phone us, don't SMS us, some (inc. this Author) do not respond to SMS.


  • Best discuss & decide next venue at the table of current venue, then an Organiser will book the venue, announce the venue to the mail list, await individual seat bookings, & confirm or adjust seat count with restaurant.
  • Venues are decided where possible at previous chilli event by all who intend to come to next chilli event, failing that by the Chilli Organisers
  • You can also discuss chilli venues on list chilli-chat@, & encourage others to come etc, but Note you Must send your personal seat reservation to "Chilli Organisers" <chilli-org@...> However note
  • We try to spread the selection geographically. More weight attaches, if the venue nominated is from a regular, &/or not particularly near the home/work of the nominator, it being easy, but not so helpful if people just nominate their local chilli venue.
  • If you have a suggestion for a future venue, best suggest it on a Chilli event to one of the organisers


  • Always Reserve Seats With Organisers
  • Weeks you'r probable coming but not certain, don't remain silent, give organisers clues we can add up: 3 people @ 33% = 2 @ 50% = 1 more seat.
  • No problem with people who normally book, & just occasionally don't.
  • Those who Never book, who just turn up, may be removed from mail list:
    • They disrupt, needing to extend or shrink guessed table sizes.
    • They squash others, & will be moved away when booked people arrive.


All Link to S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram, Bus, arrive here, A further click takes you to MVV

Bikes - German national Fines & other Munich hazards.
( We don't drink & drive cars, not all have bikes, so we choose chilli venues near public transport. They sometimes have convenient cycle routes nearby. )


  • Where to next ?
    Please tell a Chilli Organiser where you fancy next.
  • Who else would make a good [if perhaps just occasional] Chilli Organiser, tell an existing Organiser, we welcome help & variety, & we realise tastes vary.
  • How Hot Is Hot ? en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Scoville_scale
  • Tip: A lime in the pocket in a restaurant is a compact emergency kit ;-) Acidic lime juice seems to actively counter alkali curry, Stuff like Yoghurt & Lassi takes time to order, & just seems to mild it down somewhat. Chemists or specialist who know more please feel free to educate/elucidate.
    A raw chilli in the pocket is of course the other half of a balanced Chilli emergency kit, for if the food is too mild, not too hot smiley face icon
  • How Do You Spell Chilli ? Why ? : Chilli or Chili or Chile pepper ?

    Reading en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Chili_pepper caused brief worry it might have been mis-spelled here, & not "chilli",
    (so should waste time changing name of mailing list in all config files, + names of files, + target of symbolic links, + archive directories + mail aliases all from "Chilli" to "Chili"),
    But No, just American mis-spelling again
    • Contents of link above includes:
      "In American English the name is usually spelled "chili". In British English the spelling "chilli" (with two "l"s) is used consistently. ... "Gebhardt imported some ancho peppers from Mexico and ran the peppers through a small meat grinder three times and created the first commercial chili powder, which became available in 1894."
    • "British English" is itself an Americanism best avoided, often heralding ignorant false assumptions:
    • Americans too often assume as there's 5 times as many as of them as British, that they outnumber & can redefine English & also ignore lots of other countries around the planet that speak English, (plus by now quite a lot of bi-lingual 3rd country citizens fluent in English of various varieties). American is Not English, American is just one common variant of English.
    • That Wikipedia page uses wrong American "Chili" spelling:
    • Britain was in India for centuries ( (1612-1947) & shipping products probably inc. chilli long before America evolved to an independent importer of chilli, some years or centuries after 1620 Mayflower, presumably some time after 1776 USA Independence.
    • Perhaps Americans forgot some spellings, the same way a butter maid on the Mayflower (used to 16 solid ounces per pound) may have confused a milk maid to only use 16 fluid ounces per pint (as now in USA ) instead of 20 fluid ounces (as in UK). (Beware if purchasing gallons of fuel - even CBM calculators going from litres uses USA gallons, not Imperial (British etc) gallons).
    • Or perhaps spelling simply wasn't standardised till later. eg by Dr Johnson in 1755.
      (Perhaps best ignore Webster's deviancy from 1789: " Great Britain, whose children we are, and whose language we speak, should no longer be our standard; for the taste of her writers is already corrupted, and her language on the decline. ")
    • Best reject American "Chili" spelling & use the English "Chilli" spelling (unless possibly the British changed & the Americans retained an earlier original ?).
    • Peoples who might have a better insight on Chilli might be the Dutch, importing from the Spice Islands / Dutch East Indies before Britain competed ?
    • Or the inhabitants of areas of India etc where Chillies were grown, if also perhaps exported 400 years back, if they come across centuries old documents spelling Chilli ?
  • en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Hot_pot
  • No Web Chat Forum For Anonymous Pseudonyms.
    Yes, it's trendy, No Berklix does not support it, this is why:
    • A BBC podcast reported: Even New Scientist had to give up on forums, as what started as scientific discussion, after half a dozen posts, too often descended to personal dispute, & with a staff of 6, they couldn't afford the time=expense of paid moderators
    • Some readers on other forum[s] may have noticed the egotism of those keen to be volunteer censors, who polish their ego while objecting to being labelled a "Censor" who try to self style themselves as "Moderators".
    • An example of a web forum & its problems:
      ex toytowngermany_dot_com archives contains some abuse, which ex toytowngermany_dot_com censors as excuse to justify their ex toytowngermany_dot_com censorship.
      One heavy ex toytowngermany_dot_com curry ex toytowngermany_dot_com censor censored Curry too much, & killed that group, The co-censors were too lazy & self satisfied to check her false assertions & moderate her.
      Someone fresh revived that dead curry group. Links Here [Until ex toytowngermany_dot_com Censors get caught again] :
      • ex toytowngermany_dot_com" / forum / topic / 953 - munich - curry - night -% C2 % B7 - wed - 24jun2015 - ganesha /? page=5
        It's a clunky link, & will fail as soon as venue name is updated to match the week's reality,
      • ex toytowngermany_dot_com /wiki/Curry_Night A page with dead links.
      • ex toytowngermany_dot_com admins removed the Curry booking list, presumably for uniformity, to force curry group to be like any other event page, but cynics believe to minimise paid work to maximise profit.
    • The software that supports the ex toytowngermany_dot_com forums is bug prone, (inc. security bugs apparently, not surprising, knowing the sort of software tools usually used to throw interactive web sites together) ), needs more human maintenance, but time costs money, & the ex toytowngermany_dot_com site was sold to a commercial company that advertises, including personally targeted adverts, which needs extra complexity requiring maintenance labour, & slowing server response
  • Questions/ Comments/ Changes ? : Tell the Organisers, after first joining chilli@

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