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After Dinner Presentation to
Faraday e.V.
New Year, 12 January 2013

By Julian Stacey free/ talk/ faraday/ 2013-01-12/

MFI Logo Julian H. Stacey, 18th July 1998
Michael Faraday
& Faraday e.V.
Julian Stacey


A wide ranging cocktail of topics, aimed to entertain & provoke thought & discussion for the New Year.
No transcript or video copy. No projector used. Sorry no digital `slides' prepared (unlike last time) that could also be published after. Lecture notes were just a few hand written key word prompts. (Convener extended invitation in good time, well in advance, but speaker's schedule busied + Xmas + travel + illness, only allowed a late re-commitment & preparation to speak).

Topics & Equipment (mostly in order presented)

  • Faraday e.V.
  • Julian H. Stacey Systems Engineer to Computer Consultant
  • Vector Systems Ltd a British company & why Ltd not GmbH
  • Business Associates
  • Freelance Associates Engineer Stammtisch
  • Free Software
  • Previous talk to Faraday (on Free Software)
  • FreeBSD.Org with about 32,517 @ 2020-08-24 ported packages
  • FreeBSD Foundation Now approaching a million dollars of donations annually
  • Against Software Patents, for Copyright
  • Use a BSD, (perhaps NetBSD for most CPU support) : The BSD licence is better for embedded hardware products: Comparison of free and open-source software licenses
  • Geode Wikipedia
  • "Just because you'r paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you ! ;-)" ...
    Consider where our technologies takes us.
    • Never trust any monopoly. No company I've ever known in the computing world that got near a monopoly, did not try to abuse the monopoly to lock customers in.
    • Always lie to vendors eg mail order companies re Date Of Birth etc ! (on principle, even if no particular desire or need to evade),
      • They have no need or right to know, (beyond knowing you are an adult) they're not secure, & there's cumulative risk of identity theft; They just want a fairly unique randomiser ID, so just keep a list of companies & random dates you quote them, some laugh when told "I've forgotten what I told you last time, but as policy I always lie for D.O.B." .
      • At Gatwick airport, in departure hall, after security check & passport control, Boots the chemist demanded destination airport before they would sell a single bottle of _Water_ !
        ( A trivial but symptomatic example of data harvesting (to be moved elsewhere):
        • After challenge, Boots mumbled it was for customs, but didn't know or care to explain Why, & refused water to the thirsty until they forced an answer.
        • People who don't clearly identify their right & need (as opposed to desire) to demand your personal information, don't deserve a valid answer.
        • A random incorrect destination airport name works.
        • A retrospective guess is it might have been for VAT (on Water !?) inside or outside the EU ? But it was not explained, & by then Gatwick exhausts ones tolerance:
        • They force you to dump or drink water bottles before security check, before passport control,
        • Then there's no taps even in toilets to refill bottles with cold water (only warm spray - unhealthy !) (I searched 2 & asked),
        • Then Gatwick reaps income, renting shop space to Boots & W H Smiths to sell water,
        • Then shop demands personal information, before selling Water (not duty free alcohol) for cash.
    • It's foolish to habitually surrender personal info. by reflex.
    • Best habitually challenge the demanders right & need to know _your_ private info.
    • Better habitually give random/ false/ worthless answers to the intrusive, to satisfy their nosiness, unless they first satisfy Your right to know & agree _Why_ they want to harvest Your data.
    • Degrading databases with false / random information reduces their incentive to harvest more of our personal data.
    • Various ski groups after paying for accommodation, have included Ronald Regan & Donald Duck etc, for Austrian overnight stay forms requiring name, country & D.O.B.
  • Don't trust governments (who have legal back doors into IP providers in at least both UK 1 & UK 2 & Germany so they can spy on you.
  • See what info your browser gives to Every site it visits (& that's before you consider cookies etc).
  • Who in audience use an anonymising proxy ? Answer: 2 or 3 out of 22.
  • The danger of a world increasingly trapping people with technology, where:
  • How many so called `security' checks procedures & devices are a waste of time, abusive infringements on liberty making us Less secure ?
  • Consider the repressive nation state that was here 60 years back; what greater dangers now with all this technology available to help repress, if in the wrong hands ? Be they some nation's government, monopoly, or criminal [cyber] gangs.
  • Julian: What RF (radio frequency) power level might be required to overload & fry the IC (integrated circuit) ?
  • Julian:What device to produce & direct the RF ?
  • Julian:Where is RFID IC hidden inside the card ?
  • Julian:Note we do not want to also fry the IC that connect to the 12 silver/gold contacts, nor do we want to damage the magnetic strip, just the RFID IC.
  • Athol: Could be read from much further away with a directional antenna.
  • Other[s]: Transaction limit is 20 EU. (Some (Banks or vendors?) had wanted 30 but were pushed down.
  • Julian:Is there a risk of repeatable transactions ?
  • Peter: Drill a hole
  • Julian: where to drill ?
  • Any volunteers who can arrange for X-ray of a card please contact Julian who has a card he could sacrifice for X-ray to then web document the geometry.

  • After talk:
    BBC 19 January 2013:
    Finger vein scanner instead of finger print scanner in Poland & Japan
  • RFID chip location


  • Derek Mullinger organised the event & introduced speakers
  • Tania Campbell gave first talk & took photos of speaker, equipment & audience. (High res. photos pending).
  • Audience inc. feedback: Faraday e.V. & guests.

Notes for future Faraday talks:

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