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No Email & Phone Calls From Strangers In GERMAN To Julian H. Stacey - Unless You First Declare You Want To Pay For Computer Consultancy

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Unless you will purchase Computer Consultancy /
Ausser sie Consultancy kaufen wollen.
Other exceptions.

If you want to Pay Money For Consultancy

See Also & more generaly:
  • PS I also wrote a 3 page paper (offline) on why to avoid the Cobol language (I use C (& avoided Cobol by coming to Germany - A tale over a beer).

  • German only with friends & paying customers, Not strangers on the scrounge ;-)
    Yes I do also chat in German & English to _friends_ who are German or Austrian etc, but only with them, not with strangers scrounging unpaid free technical advice just in German, - I used to try to help such people, but it's just too hard doing that, 'cos Germans who don't know any English are usually cluless about computing, or at least self excluded from international development forums, so for me to give unpaid advice to the cluless, & to work to give it in a forign language, where recipient can't spell or recognise computer acroyms etc is too painful & inefficient. For free unpaid advice in German, it' much better the reader instead search for a German web forum & ask there. They may know less than me, but they'll articulate it better & more patiently. German is the wrong language for technical support in my sector - unless you are paying me Money.

    My Target Business Sector:

    International: NOT 100% Local German Speaking,
    Some English Required

    • International English is the language of the industry & international projects.
      • "All the good people can speak English" - Quoted to me by a Swiss German computer consultant in 1985:
        • Largely as true now as then.
        • Though it's now easier for Germans new to the industry to avoid reading books in English, as more international computer books are translated to German, & simple "Me Too" books are written in German (Yes, there are also very occasionally serious books first published in German, I know a couple of authors personally, professionals fluent & relaxed in spoken English, who wrote books in German first, then got them translated , I have 1 book on shelf, perhaps the other in due course, but they are the exceptions to prove the rule. ) ...
        • Mail list are now of vital importance to International computer development projects, some English is essential. Those who can't read English are lost, doomed to remain in little national mail lists & forums, no access to the best global minds. They will also Not be able to co-operate in international development forums that work in English.

          I choose to work in the global international development communities in English. Those who can't communicate in English, cant themselves contribute back, & are just end users. They should look for native German speakers to support them easier & more efficiently; Not me, as trying to understand some end user's mis-conception on how they are wrongly using some software, & to hear that in a foreign language, then have to map that to the code & manuals in the International English based software project then explain all that back in German spoken or written, not my native language, is way too much Work, unless I'm paid to do Work. It's not an unpaid co-operative leisure activity where I & others give time free, mutualy helping others on international mail lists.

    • Internationally operating firms are my target business sector.
      Those with a mix of German & English using subsidiaries, customers, suppliers, etc.
    • Some German
      • German Is Optional
        • German is a language I use for some business, including negotiating contracts, but
          German is not the language I use for technical computer development work though, just an optional extra language.
        • The more skilled segment of German computer professionals are nearly always fluent in both German & English. We can work & chat in a relaxed, frequently switching mix of English & German.
        • Germans also require English in Job Ads, eg
          Job Bewerbung: "Englisch im Wort & Schrift"
      • Not 100% German
        • 100% German is not required by the more skilled segment of German computer professionals.
        • German companies & staff that want everything developed in German, solely for use by Germans, are not my target: The linguistic & thus technological blinkers, & lower budgets to develop just for local market in German is less attractive.
        • Computer staff who can't read English, just German, are usually lower skilled, & not able to work on latest source code available on international project mail lists. It's more effort working with them.
        • Usually the more insistent the demand for 100% German, the less skilled the demander.

      If you do NOT want to pay me & you want German

      I am fluent enough in German, (though not grammatically correct), eg I read contracts & documentation, & argue my corner in debate in German, & go to German gatherings etc, but ...
      • I try to avoid Excess German Language - Why:
        • I get too much German !.
        • I read slower in German (& in French!) - I am an engineer, not a language student, I take pleasure in efficiency, not foreign linguistic curlicules ;-)
        • I don't avoid German just because I'm English
        • Nor just because the German language has so many defects.
        • Mostly I avoid it because ...
          • Acceding to local proponents who want to use just German, is to slip down market: Allowing just German language, allows that the Just German speaker may not be competent to interact on international mail lists, thus may be harder to work with.
          • Avoiding contact with those who can't use English can work as a skills filter, not just a language filter. ( Similar filters were used by Romans with Greek language, Europeans with Latin, Normans in England with French, etc)
          • Sadly in some German technical circles, the least skilled members not competent to use international English speaking development forums, sometimes insist on burdening group discussion to be just in German language, worse, confusingly mispronouncing standard American original acronyms. sometimes completely un-recognisably, not just to German A-Z, (ISA / EISA anyone ;-) , SCSI LUN insistently mis-pronounced Loon was one horrible example from one who refused to be corrected ;-)
      • Some of my German friends & associates who speak very good English, assume my German is more limited than it is, as we rarely speak German, as their English is so good smiley face icon
    • "Deutsch Sprechen! - Sie Sind In Deutschland!"

      Doesn't translate to my ears the way the speaker may intend, Instead: The more aggressively it's spoken, the more likely it tells me about the complainer:
      • "Too lazy to learn a minimum comfort level in the language of their computer Industry: English.
      • A local user, probably reading just local German books published against old software versions.
      • Won't read, even less contribute back to international development mail lists.
      • Wants English speaker to use his free time to improve his German for the free benefit of the small subset of German computer professionals too lazy to understand English, rather than leaving the English speaker his time intact, to contribute to international Free Software development.
      • A self satisfied possible loser, possibly with nationalist tendency, best ignored.
    • Better to associate with other computer industry people of whatever nationality, with better skills & more fluent in both languages.
    • I prefer to use German when appropriate not when aggressively demanded, eg:

    A nice article in German by a German: Alexander Graf Lambsdorff : Englisch muss unsere Verwaltungssprache werden Veröffentlicht am 15.12.2014
    DRAFT review to here
    The Crystal mark of appears on some UK business correspondence.

    Some Defects Of The German Language

    • (PS Yes, I readily admit English has numerous inconsistencies & annoyances etc too (eg few & less), but I assume an ever growing global melange of internationals speaking English as 2nd language will gradually improve international English to a more logical consistency. )
    • Yes I switch TV from BBC to a German channel when they dub German major news announcements (I just wish I had French TV on cable too to avoid French dubbed to English or German), but I still dont want too much German
    • German is at least 15% more verbose than English.
    • German grammar is too Clunky.
    • German grammar could be easily improved. I prefer French structure to German, despite I'm more proficient in German).
    • The 3 gender cases are pointless (French uses just 2, English just one (except for animals), & some Asians use None, even more efficient than English)
    • Excessive word concatenation makes German harder to learn
    • The umlauts are a nuisance to everyone not German
    • the number system is as old fashioned as English nursery rhymes used to be (eg "Four & Twenty black birds backed in a pie") To "What's the time?" A modern German will still reply "Five and Twenty to Three" Even a German using a 24 hour clock would say for 21:35 "One and Twenty, Five and Thirty" ! - More weirdness exists eg "Drei viertel Funf" = 3/4 before 5.
    • Computer Deutsch:
      • It's awful hearing - & worse, having to say - mangled, doppel- gemoppled neu- Deutsch- lish with English nouns & German verbs, that Germans use for computer "Deutsch"
      • Typical example:
        • Ich habe es ge-initialisiert
          = I initialised it.
      • Mindlessly mis-pronouncing American acronyms in German is horribly wrong: As a guide, just remember the original English pronunciation of the American Unix tools, & what the acronyms are for in full, eg:
        • VI is Not "Fow Eee" ! - VI is the Unix standard Visual editor.
        • Awk is Not "Ah Vee Kah" ! Awk is pronounced like the Auk bird
        • LUN is Not "Loon" ! Loon is an abbreviation of Lunatic., LUN is pronounced like Lunch, LUN is for Logical Unit Number
        • SCSI is pronounced Scuzzy - see definition in book by Relf/ NCR/ Prentice Hall
        • The habitual erroneous inverted German pronunciation of English acronyms ISA & EISA (Extended ISA ) etc got so bad I gave up, & in desperation either always wrote it, or refused all German pronunciation of ISA & EISA, & insisted on calling them 3 letter bus & 4 letter busses (knowledgeable Germans used to grin & understand, It worked fine in days before PCI). !
      • There comes a time its better to switch to English.

    Non Business

    Which Human Language ?

    • Technical Email : Use English
      • If you want technical help in German, ask a German forum, not me.
      • Don't write me in German: Takes me longer to read, & I cannot pass on ideas or questions to the vast majority of international people with whom I am in contact, unless I waste my time translating & re-typing what you sent.
    • Social & Sports, Club & Group Events :
      • Use English Only. I help run various groups & club events They are aimed at people who can use some English, If you will not use English, Do not communicate.
      • I get too much mail,
      • I read slower in German, & write even slower in German.
      • I don't have time for mail in German.
      • There are 80+ Million natives fluent in German, & a Lot of clubs in Munich use German contact them instead.

    Who Helps Who, Determines Which Language

    • If you want my time for your benefit: Use English
      My native language, & the language of my international industry, The German language was no attraction whatever to my being here. The lakes, mountains, & beer gardens were & are.
    • If you'r giving your time for my benefit, You choose:
      English, German, French: If its faster/ easier for you, whichever you prefer; Though if you want to let me share your ideas/ info wider internationally via mail lists, "How To" web pages etc, notes in English are best.


    It's more efficient & less ambiguous if I write in my language & you write in yours. The other way round may be more polite, but less efficient. As an engineer I choose efficiency over politeness.

    FAQ: Americans: Do Not Write To Me In German If It's NOT Your Native Language.

    FAQ: Why don't I use More German ?

    FAQ: No German language at our beer garden events.


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