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  • Entries will be gradually converted to tabular format
  • Errors & Ommissions: Editing errors occur. MVV renumbers line peridocally (stupid!) Restaurants close, & change etc, Updates to counter bit rot are welcome. This is not supposed to be an index of all watering holes in Munich/Muenchen, there's plenty of Gastro web sites for that, including under & others, eg
  • Tobacco Smoke Level is assumed standard for Muenchen (too high) unless marked for that locale as less = better or worse = higher than Muenchen average level.


In alphabetic order.


In chronological reverse order.
  • 16th March 2005, Nominator=Gary, Booker=Julian, Palast der Winde, Hans Sachs Str, Indian.
  • . Hacker House booked by Julian February 16th 2005
  • Twisted Bavarian (now closed) Booked by Julian, 15th Mar 2006, same place as 18th Jan & 15th Feb 2006
  • Bella Italia, Asam- Hof - Italian

    Booked by Julian for 2006.09.20, 2005.08.17, 26th (not 19) January 2005 Booked by Julian for 15th December 2004. Booked by Julian for 2004.11.17. Booked by Rainer for 2004.09.15. Booked by Julian for 2004.08.18 & 2004.04.21

    Restaurant - Name & Type (EG Indian Greek etc)

    Cheap spacious pizzeria etc, (also does other food not just pizza) outside in courtyard (=innenhof) if good weather else inside on the non smoking left side.

    Postal Address (for search engines etc)

    Asam Hof, Sendlinger Str 28 , Stadtmitte, Altstadt, Muenchen

    Physical Location On Foot/Bike (& common final directions to other transport modes)

    Just North of the North corner of the church AsamKirche. From Sendlinger Tor, walk 1/5 th the way North East toward Marien Platz, then turn left, North West into a pedestrian passage, go maybe 40 paces, it's on the right.

    MVV U Bahn

    Sendlinger Tor is nearest, or Karlsplatz=Stachus & Marienplatz

    MVV S Bahn Line Number, Stop Name, & Directions After

    Karlsplatz=Stachus & Marienplatz

    MVV Tram = Strassenbahn Line Number, Stop Name, & Directions After

    Whatever passes through Sendlinger Tor

    MVV Bus Line Number, Stop Name, & Directions After

    Whatever passes through Sendlinger Tor

    Car Parking Tips

    (1) Multi storey car park at BP petrol station on Ober Anger & Kloster Hof Str. (2) Underground garage in Wallstr: South East of Sendlinger Tor main road intersection (Sonnenstr & Lindwurmstr). South of the actual Tor.

    Phone Number Of Restaurant

    Tel 2609377 Fax 2607428

    Restaurant Description

    (Maybe copied from nomination email or elsewhere).

    Tobacco Smoke Level

    During good weather, we'll probably be outside if good weather , so depends on wind direction if any. If bad weather go inside, turn left for non smoking half.

    Extra Info

    Big place, They usually also have some phone staff who can speak English too (so need for new arrivals to Germany & new members of BIM to think they can't help nominate & later book at least here, if they want :-)
  • Greek: Taverne Athen

    2004.07.21 booked by Ernst. 2003.06.18 15/20 seats booked by Julian. 2002.07.24 Booked by Julian
    Belgrad Str 105, Tel 3083936,, Greek / Taverna Athen nice beergarden outside good if good weather else inside. Just South of park Parking: Dead Easy well by city standards anyway. Best look north of Taverna though, not south, Yes this editor is a car driver. Taverna with covered beergarden portions. Spacious. I like the food. I think you can stay outside long as you want' 'cos not a noise problem from flats overhead. Can be cramped & maybe smokey inside if it rains. Outside is spacious.

    Nominated by Frank M for 21st November 2007, Astrid for Wed. 18th Oct. 2006
    Trappentreustr. 23 - 80339 München - Gegenüber Gewerbehof - Westend - Non Smoking
  • Bavarian: Paulaner Bräuhaus.

    2004.06.16 Outside in served part of biergarten. (self service area was closed, as weather poor. 2001.03.21 Booked by Julian.
    Restaurant with attached Biergarten and separate Room (Bibliothek). Biergarten preiswert, inside more expensive, self-brewed beer. Kapuzinerplatz. Too noisy inside to be ideal for a technical & bilingual Stammtisch with some quiet speakers. Map on MECC page
  • Thai/Viet?: Phu Quoc

    16 May 2007 Booked by Julian.
    Meals from 3.5 Eu, 19:30 we eat there, Thalkirchner- Str 3, After eating we walk to to Starbucks, Sendlinger Str 27 for coffee/cake/ice ?. Both venues non smoking. U Bahn Sendlinger Tor for both. Partners welcome as small tables & moving around. & holiday next day.

    Bavarian: Astaller Wirtshausbar

    2004.03.17 Booked by Petra Zeidler.
    "'international selection of food' that leans on Bavarian traditionals, but tends to be not too fatty and contains fresh veggies I go there for lunch, so obviously I like the food, and it's inexpensive." Guldeinstr. 35 80339 M\xfcnchen , on the corner of Gudeinstrasse and Astallerstrasse , Donnersberger Bruecke or Barthstrassee train/tram stops, Parking under Donnersberger Bruecke would be an option, Smoke: Pipe smoker at adjacent table disproved the over hopeful: The room is high enough to not make smoke a problem. "They have a section of their tap room that has a bench along the wall that we could occupy, and next BIM is not a soccer evening, so there's a chance we can have that section to ourselves."

    American/New Orleans: The Big Easy

    2004.02.18 , booked by Rainer D.
    Frundsberg- Str. 46 / Ecke Ruffini- Str. 80634 München - Neuhausen. Noisy - not good for a multi lingual technical stammtisch - noise is easier dealt with (or created by) general non technical social drinkers group such as Beer Gardeners. Dark candle lit. Rather Expensive. Food type: New Orleans. U-Bahn Rot- Kreuz- Platz

    Bernis Nudelbrett, Peters- platz 8, 80331 M\xfcnchen

    Wed. 17th Jan. 2007
    Above Viktualien- markt, next to church) Booked by Julian.

    Bavarian: Bei Charlie Stueberl

    2003.07.16 , Booked by Astrid 2004.01.21 , Booked by Julian
    Cheap & Good Munich / Bavarian Einstein-strasse 179, Muenchen PLZ=81675. Right in the middle between Stein- Hauser- Str. and Vogel- Weide- Platz. It is exactly across the road from the entrance to the Tram- bahn- depot. Quite close to S. Bahn station Leuchten- Berg- Ring, S.Bahn 5,6,8 to Leuchten- Berg- Ring, walk north until Einstein-strasse, turn right, go past Italian restaurant, walk about 50m. Bus 89 - stop Leuchten-berg-Unter-Fuehrung or Stein- Hausen (almost in front of Bei Charlie) Einstein- Str is the road one drives East on, leaving the city, just before it expands to become the Passau Autobahn. Public parking lot 50 meters away at Vogelweide-platz. Tel 4704523 Well lit, has numerous tables, good food and very reasonable prices (most dishes for 5.5 Euro!, and you get enough to eat, just normal food like Schnitzel, Cordon bleu etc). He usually has a local radio station on, but we can make him him turn it down if it should bother us, customers rule there :-) (some text from Astrid).

    Greek: Dimitri's Taverne

    2005.05.18 booked by Julian, 2003.12.17, 2003.03.19, Booked by Julian 2002.12.18 Booked by Julian 2004.05.16 Booked by Julian
    (Inh. Pennos Dimitrios), Gabels- Berger- Str 50, 80333 Muenchen, Tel 089 54356988 North side of Street. 1.5 Blocks From West end of street. Theresienstr U2 or Stiglmaier- Plz U1. From Theresienstr U2: South on Augusten, right=West into Gabels-berger. From Stiglmaier- Plz U1: North up Schleissheimer, right= East into Gabels-berger. Parking: Difficult Area, Schwabing, it's near TUM.

    Indian : Shalimar - Closed

    2003.11.19 Booked by Julian
    [closed or moved by 2004.05, now a cafe there] Ross-markt 3 Take Wall- Str exit from S. Tor U-Bahn. Left = West, 5 metres; Left again = South, down Alt Stadt Ring = Blumenstr, for (guessing) 50 metres; Go past Wall Str. another 20 metres; Left = East at next junction. Fire brigade=Feuerwache is now ahead & right; Straight ahead=North East to end of Ross markt. If you pass bronze Stallions (=Ross[en]) You've over shot, Shalimar was to right (East) of the horses. Sendlinger-tor-platz. U-bahn station Sendlinger-tor-platz, Ausgang Wall-strasse and then go along Blumenstrasse 20-30 meters and there is a large sign "Shalimar" Tel. 265527 Seats Booked 20 A 3 course Indian meal at the newly opened SHALIMAR Indian Restaurant for a Fixed Price of 15 Euros. (Not including drinks). A menu with five different starters and five different main courses followed by a dessert. There is also a vegetarian option. Nans and Popadoms inclusive.

    Korean: "Seoul"

    2003.10.15 Booked by Bernhard R. ) booked by Daniel Seuffert some other date.
    Restaurant & Sushi Bar "Seoul" : Leopold- Str 120 : "North of Muenchner Freiheit, South of Metro (same side of street), South of PLUS (other side of street)... In same building as Hotel Mercure. East side of Leopold-str. correctly lists north of Muenchner Freiheit wrongly lists south of Muenchner Freiheit phone 348104 fax 348793 sushi bar 338856, 20 seats " Täglich geöffnet 12 bis 15 Uhr; ; diskreter Tischabstand, niveauvolle Atmosphäre;"

    Indian: Maharaja

    2004.10.20 Booked by Rainer. 2003.09.17 Booked by Julian, 2003.05.21 , Booked by Rainer. 2003.01.08 Booked by ?

    Restaurant - Name & Type (EG Indian Greek etc)

    Maharaja - Indian

    Postal Address (for search engines etc)

    Blutenburg str 79, 80634 München

    Physical Location On Foot/Bike (& common final directions to other transport modes)

    Just Outside the Mittlerer Ring

    MVV U Bahn


    MVV S Bahn Line Number, Stop Name, & Directions After


    MVV Tram = Strassenbahn Line Number, Stop Name, & Directions After


    MVV Bus Line Number, Stop Name, & Directions After


    Car Parking Tips


    Web Page Of Restaurant

    Maharani : Indian

    Phone Number Of Restaurant

    Tel 089 13012482 Restaurant Description

    (Maybe copied from nomination email or elsewhere).

    Hof Brau Hau : Bavarian

    Booked by Julian 2005.09.21. Hof Braeu Keller am Wiener Platz. (NOT Hof Brau Haus am Platzl 9)
    If it's rotten weather we can eat inside, in the non smoking room, road side, not beergarden side,.
    If weather's good, we'll eat outside in beer garden, where (only outside) you are allowed to bring your own food if you want (though they have cooked food too).

    Karawanserei : Persian

    Booked by Rodrigo.
    2003.08.20 Pettenkofer-Str.1, 80336-Muenchen 089-54541954 (U3/U6 Sendlinger Tor) open Innen-Hof. WNW of Road junction. Public car park possibly South East of junction under big new Stadt- Spar- Kasse.


    Data lost - whose diary entry has this info ?

    Greek: Lucullus

    2002.06.19 - Booked by Julian
    Birkenau 31 (close to Columbus-platz), 81543 Muenchen, Tel 662951. ?

    Little Africa

    Booked By Rodrigo 15th June 2005

    Theresien-Str. 146 (near Schleissheimerstr, U-Bahn Theresienstr.

    Was French: Was: La Grimace

    2002.04.17 Booked by Julian
    Gabels-berger str. 24, 80333 Muenchen, Tel 522364, close to TU Muenchen, U-Bahn Theresien str. or Koenigsplatz. Now renamed as Gabelsberger I think. Probably no longer French

    Bavarian: Mariandl/Cafe

    2002.??.?? , perhaps booked by Daniel L.
    (Comment by Julian: Good for smaller groups, but was too crowded & noisy for our Stammtisch that night).
    Beethovenplatz Has back rooms, Öko-Beer and nice food. Goethe str. 51 (Close to Haupt-bahnhof or Goethe-platz),

    Greek: Taverna Paros

    2005.07.20 & 2002.01.23 - Booked by Julian

    Rumford str 14, Muenchen, Tel 22800128, close to Viktualienmarkt. Central location: On tram lines. 1 block's walk south of Viktualienmarkt. ( NOT Kirchenstr. 27, Haidhausen, 81675 Muenchen Tel: 4702995 Which is also called Taverna Paros but is not related, & Not the same place.)

    Leo's Lounge

    2001.08.15 - Booked by Daniel L.
    - TexMex style food, has also small alcove. Rosenheimer str. 98, Ecke Bazeille str.

    Bavarian: Kreuzberger

    2001.06.20 - , Westermühl str 32, Munich , Tel 2010005, booked by Daniel L. for 10-15 seats in the alcove.

    Bavarian: Trausnitzburg

    2001.05.16 & 2001.04.18 & others - in der Trausnitz straße 17 beim Ostbahnhof. Booked by

    Unions Brau

    Friday 20th April 2007 Booked by Gareth of Faraday
    Special Combined Faraday & BIM Stammtisch & talk/Vortrag

    Rats-keller - Frankischer Wein Stuben part

    2001.01.17 Booked by Julian . Many BSD people !
    (Under Rathaus) Marienplatz 8.

    Cafe Westend

    2000.10.05 - Booked by ?
    Angler str 32 (Ecke Ganghofer Strasse) Tel 508341.

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