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GEA & Berklix Annual Events

By Julian Stacey.

This is a list of GEA & Berklix Annual Events. Most events happen most years.
New ideas welcome.
  • January
    • New Year's Skiing trip.
    • New Year's walk.
  • February
    • Fasching
    • Fasching ends on a Tuesday (in Feb ?), probably English Shrove Tuesday = Pancake day, what Americans call fat Tuesday. Munich don't go to the extent of Venice with masks. Just lots of fancy dress at parties (fun for a few years, then a yawn). I seem to recall street traders here do something in Viktualien- Markt that morning, to also celebrate end of plague centuries back. (Unless I'm getting events confused). Sometimes some of us go to watch it, armed with plastic cups & bottles of Sekt. - A Bad day to Ski - Drunken skiers!
    • Beginners Ski Trip - Julian
  • March
    • Club Anniversary Meal
    • St Patrick's Day - The Munich Irish clubs (a dozen or so) celebrate, & the GEA often participates too in some form.
    • Elections
    • Starkbierfest Fr. 13.03.2009 bis inkl. So. 29.03.2009
  • April
    • Good Friday lunch; special Stammtisch
    • Easter Sunday,- walk
    • Easter ski trip often with Richard.
    • Easter Monday,- bike ride; hike; egg hunt for kids occasionaly
    • Some date near St George's day (23rd April 2008) walk to beer garden at Mariabrunn (site of the November Guy Fawkes bonfire).
  • May
    • About this time each year one Berklix member Julian is often an exhibtor at or helping at Vintage Computer Fest Europa here in Munich, & various Berklix people visit him, & down a beer in the mini beer garden outside.
    • May Day Jazz Biergarten visit
      • Bike Ride led by Julian normally starting from underneath's the ships screw (propeller) on Ludwigs Bruecke on the North (down stream) end of the Museum island on the river Isar. Note Re. `Screw': Germans also call it a Schraub, but I call it a Screw Not because I've been here too long & gone native, but because the proper marine industry English also calls it a screw, only English speaking natives, lay people not professionals call it a Propeller. End of lecture ;-)
      • Straight to the Beer Garden via S Bahn
    • Ascension (*) Day (2009: May 21st Thurs) mountain walk/Herzogstand near Walchensee - Roger H. (*) I'm not sure but think Ascension is 39 days after Easter
    • Camping trip (May-June) - Camping has become less frequent & more intermittent, Ask Richard G. who also runs ski tour group)
  • June
  • July
  • August
    • Brunnenhof (Residenz) Concert
    • further float/swim and barbeque (weather permitting)
  • September
    • Trip Lago Di Garda, Italia, with Julian
    • Oktober- Fest
    • Moon light walk: led by Geoff
  • October
    • Heimgarten Mountain walk: led by Nigel
    • Halloween
  • November
  • December
    • Christkindlmarkt visit
    • Party ! Ask the committee
    • Christmas Meal
    • Lunch, 25th December : (A Xmas Pud Tale:)
    • New Year's Eve - If we get a volunteer - ask the committee.
  • Occasional - Events we've done before, & may again, given sufficient demand, but no longer to a regular schedule.
    This section will expand when people mail me others they remember.

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